1.  Clean out a junk drawer in your kitchen
2.  Pull out 10 items from your closet that you know don’t fit any more.
3.  Match all of your Tupperware lids to their corresponding containers.  Toss the mismatched items.
4.  Match all of your pairs of socks.  Pull aside the mismatches and toss after all of your laundry loads are complete.
5.  Throw away expired condiments and old leftovers from your firdge.
6.  Read one magazine that has been sitting in a pile on your coffee table.
7.  Find three books to donate to your local library.
8.  Clean out your medicine cabinet.
9.  Sort through your pile of mail.
10.  Relax because you have done more than enough!

We want to hear what you are doing to organize this snowy day.