This party is so much fun and stimulating for a child’s imagination! Simply follow these 5 easy steps!

5 Easy steps:










1. Purchase a book on flower fairies or go on line and print out information on this subject.

2. Start the party informing the children that they will be building their
own flower fairy house after you give them some background on what flower fairies are all about.

3. Have each child gather supplies from nature such as large flowers (used upside down as a roof for the house), acorn caps (used as a bath tub or sink), grape vine twigs, branches & bark (for fences & walls), leaves, ferns, moss, etc.

4. Provide a small box to make the structure in, string & glue to hold
everything together.

5. Guide them in constructing everything in a very small scale since flower fairies are tiny according to history. They can set their completed house, box and all in their own yards after the party and let them know they can sit next to it and invite the fairies in. They can check on them to see if they notice any signs of fairies living there.