Spring Cleaning Tips!

1. Carry all of your cleaning supplies in a cleaning bucket from room to room to save steps.
2. Use a hand held hair dryer to blow the dust out of silk or dried floral arrangements.
3. Scrub stains, burns etc from counters, pans, cabinets, plastic, decks, granite etc. using our goodbye detergent scrubbers. There    are specific scrubbers that work well for different surfaces.
4. Before cleaning, declutter each room, one at a time by purging then sorting into piles labeled (keep, toss, donate, sell). Next, organize what is left to keep, using organizing products to keep things neat & orderly for easy cleaning.
5. Pop moist sponges in microwave for 20 seconds or dishwasher to kill germs.
6. Clean windows before the days get hot and not on a sunny day which causes streaks by drying immediately. Clean windows with
    pure rubbing alcohol or 1/2 white vinegar & 1/2 water in a spray bottle, using newspaper to prevent lint.
7. Purge clothing that no longer fit and those that you have not worn in the past year. Bring to consignment shops or goodwill,  saving cotton t-shirts for rags. Clean & pack away winter clothes, using our canvas bags with cedar blocks for wool & silk to prevent moths from chewing holes.
8. Take all bedding off to launder, storing  winter blankets (in bags with cedar blocks if wool). Vacuum bed for dust mites.
9. Clean out refrigerator and freezer, temporarily placing fresh foods in cooler. Compost all non meat foods if applicable, disposing of the remainder. Scrub down refrigerator and freezer with caldrea all purpose cleansers and place open box of baking soda on shelf in refrigerator to absorb odors. Place a plastic lazy susan on one or more shelves in refrigerator to find jars of condiments easily.